Unparalleled Digital Production Efficiency

It’s About Technology. We live for the excitement of discovering the best solution for that crazy job. We’re waiting for the opportunity to say to ourselves, “Well, that’s impossible. But...what if we actually did it?”

It’s About Being Artistic. We’re that weird kind of people that actually like designing within constraints. We appreciate when obstacles force us to be creative all over again. Production work, to us, is like digital haiku.

It’s About the Challenge. Working online keeps us on our toes, learning the newest fads and sharpening our skills. We’re the guys you want in your corner at the last minute, when that show-stopping wrench is falling toward the gears.


  • Cramer Krasselt
  • Biggs Gilmore
  • BSSP
  • Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Carmichael Lynch

More About Intersect’s Role

Consider Intersect another team right there in your office. Fully staffed and always thinking ahead, we’re a logical, capable body that can operate with as much autonomy as you like.

(734) 827-9000 Interested in another technology? Our guys know guys, so don’t hesitate to ask.
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